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?Do investors seek performance


 Alina Varabina

It seems like many investors are looking for performance when they choose the company to manage their money. It seems logical that people will want to gain but a salesman that will emphasize performance can actually lose the deal and will not convince the potential client to join the investments firm.

The most important factor for investors when choosing a company to manage their money is a sense of security. It is important for investors to trust and feel safe with the people managing their money. Therefore, the most important thing for a salesman to do is to emphasize the professionalism, responsibility, and liability of the company. One should talk about the guarantees or insurances for the client’s money, if there are any. If a manager of the fund puts his own money together with the clients, it can be more relaxing for the potential investor. When a company is big and manages a large amount of money or has big names within its investment committee or management, it can help the client achieve a sense of security. A list of happy clients that are willing to reveal their names and recommend the company’s services can boost closing a deal.

Another important consideration for a potential client is good customer service. It’s important for clients to feel that they are served well and that the company is approachable with everything they need. Good customer service makes people feel valued and important and it can be a decisive point for potential new clientele. A great salesman gives his clients a feeling that they are always welcome and at home. He should allow clients to feel comfortable asking any question at any time. Good customer service in an investment firm includes the possibility to be in touch 24 hours a day, to send monthly updates, and to ensure that when the client comes to visit he will not wait, will be offered coffee or tea and anything else that will make him or her comfortable .

People have a strong need to belong; therefore, it is the third most important factor for potential clients. Investors are more likely to join the company if they will feel they belong to a special group, that is the social need for belonging. When a company is known for having famous people as clients, it makes the company more appealing to the general population. People want to feel connected to unique circles and apply this rationale when choosing the company that manages their money

The last important feature for the customer is performance. If he was not convinced with the other things which are more important for him even very high performance will not convince him. For a potential client, return of a little above average is adequate. Moreover, if the performance is outstanding it can make feel costumer afraid of other risks involved.